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Bracell’s units share a common Corporate Governance model, committed to ensuring global standards that aggregate expected and recommended behavior by organizations, customers, partners and employees around their operations. This transparency in management contributes to maintaining the organization’s success and creating long-term value for shareholders. For more information, read:

Complaints Policy
Code of Ethics of Purchases
Bracell Sustainability Policy


Bracell has an Integrated Management System certified with the main international standards that govern the sector. These certifications are designed to ensure that industrial and forestry operations are carried out in full compliance with health, safety, quality, environmental and social responsibility standards.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Cerflor&PEFC™ – Custody Chain

Cerflor&PEFC™ – Forestry management

Halal Certification of Qualification

Integrated Management Policy

Kosher Certificate

Self Declaration

Commitment Termo of Chain of Custody PEFC™/ABNT

ISO 9001

ISO 14001


IEC 17025

Integrated Management Policy

*Applicable to the Industrial Area